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Apostle Joddie Vaughn The General Overseer of the Consuming Fire Christian Center Intl.

Pastor Mishael Akpan - Branch Pastor - South Africa

Consuming Fire Christian Center is an Out of the Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry. We utilize Life-Teams to reinforce basic biblical principals for victorious Christian living, and develop Centers for Life which are designed to minister to the total man. Being apart of the endtime move of the spirit, our vision is straight ahead. More specifically, to receive men, women, youth, and teens at all different stages of their lives whether lost, fallen, abused, rejected, or on the road to perfection. The heart of Consuming Fire Christian Center is to partner with the Holy Spirit to Transform Lives to Experience the Difference. Consuming Fire Christian Center has a unique assignment. We have been charged to destroy the high places, the hard places, and the hidden places of the enemy. To confront and bring down the strong man, and to break into piece the strongholds which have been set in place by the kingdom of Satan to frustrate, castrate, and utterly wipe out the very inheritance, existence, and potency of the people God. God has given us Kingdom Authority to set in order people, places, cities, nations, and kingdoms by utilizing the word of God as our basis, and the working of signs, wonders, and miracles as demonstrations of the word of God in action. Consuming Fire Christian Center is a theocracy,bringing man back to the supreme Government of God. Our Scriptural Basis for ministry operation is Deuteronomy 12: 1-7. We are a direct reflection of the Kingdom of God so we welcome all races, and nationalities to come and experience the life changing power of God.Consuming Fire Christian Centers Worldwide, Inc.



26 Bengall Street, Mackenziville,

Nigel 1491, Gauteng, South Africa.

Phone: +27767779127, E-mail:

Pastor Mishael Akpan - Branch Pastor